In Kanye We Trust
© 2015 John Brower

The brilliant work In Kanye We Trust, represents a compilation of political observation, contemporary music, art, culture, and the personal expression of emotion by Canadian artist Vicky Gallagher. Created as her thesis piece in the Fine Arts program at Canada’s Fanshawe College in 2014, the striking and revelatory images reveal a smoldering observation of life and her view of the world.

From a paean to Kanye West to a stinging indictment of capitalism, the work captures as well the playful and spiritual humor of the artist, in her wry and often oblique statements sprinkled throughout the piece. The tears falling from her eyes ruin the makeup as “I am a measure of your intelligence” calls out for understanding and recognition from another. Does “SHUT THE FUCK UP” demand silence in the face of a possible insult or inability to listen? “Smile” may say it all, with possibly a rendering of the once infamous Unknown Comic, who tore up audiences with a bag on his head. Is there homage to Detroit graffiti artist Denial slipped in out of respect? The rainbow speaks to our most important explosion of freedom of expression and lifestyle, while a snarling masked Mickey Mouse may speak to the terror of childhood abuse.

In Kanye We Trust allows us to witness the raw emotion and observation flowing from the hand, mind and heart of one of the most important emerging artists creating today.

Vicky Gallagher (1992, London, Canada) creates paintings, sculptures and media art. Dealing with elements abstraction as well as realism through a vigorous exploration of texture, color and layers of poured paint, she creates vibrant acrylic paintings that take on the subject matter of everyday life.

Vicky Gallagher graduated from Fanshawe College in London in 2014. She moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia to accept a scholarship at NSCAD, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, where she continues to work and create.


Size: 80" x 48"


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